Check out the new Podcast from Greenmoney. Hosting duties fall to Standfast and Script MC as we showcase some of UK Bass musics more tropical flavours…



Part 1 – Standfast & Script MC
1. Fable & Karizma – Outworld (Standfast Dub)
2. Joker – Slaughterhouse
3. Zed Bias – Badness FT Skream
4. Surva – End Run
5. Gemmy – Too Far


1. Zed Bias feat Sam Frank – Night Lovers (Greenmoney Instrumental) – (Tru Thoughts)
2. Champion & Ruby Lee Ryder – Sensitivity -  (Formula Recordings)
3. Major Notes – Off Sync  (Greenmoney Recordings)
4. Greenmoney – Caling You (Greenmoney Recordings)
5. Mista Men – Baby Cham
6. Major Notes – Blow Your Load (Greenmoney Recordings)
7. Kimbra – Good Intent (Greenmoney Dub) – (Warner Music)
8. Hardhouse Banton – El General
9. Switch – What Did She Say (Switch& JP mix) – (Dubsided)
10. Greenmoney – Boomticka – (Greenmoney Recordings)
11. Lil Silva – Wait Is Over – (Good Years)
12. Greenmoney – Open Sesame (Greenmoney Recordings)
13 Jim E Stack – Lemme (Good Years)
14. Hardhouse Banton – Prep For War (Greenmoney Recordings)
15. Horsepower Productions – Boogaloo (Tempa)
16. Silkie – Boogie Boy (Deep Medi Musik)


Part 3 - Standfast & Script MC
1. Mz Bratt – Selecta (Royal T Very Butterz Remix)
2. Dexplicit – Bullacake
3. Dexplicit – Headstrong
4. Mr Virgo – Home Alone
5. D1 – Sub Zero
6. Sia – Little Man (Wookie Remix)




To someone who doesn’t know you please summarise what you do and who you are?
Greenmoney is Leo Greenslade (yOyO) & Alex Phountzi (BugzInTheAttic) and we make music to rave to…

If your house was on fire and you only had 5 minutes to save some of your possessions, what 3 things would you save?  
Alex – My mac & harddrive (for obvious reasons!), MPC3000 & passport
Leo — Wife, Kids and a bag of dubs from the rave shed

Music is always full of surprises, what is the biggest surprise it has sprung upon you?
Alex – First time I ever played abroad was part of a live incarnation of a project I was part of called ‘Neon Phusion’. Our first show was in Amsterdam at a festival, we turned up there with no sleep due to an overnight trip on a tour bus as well as a vomit inducing ferry trip. On arrival I was informed that our show would be in a huge arena in front of several thousand people and was to be broadcast live on Dutch television – cue another bout of throwing up….
Leo – If you had told me 15 years ago that I would be working closely on music related activities with 2 talented dudes I went to school with who I had never even spoken to from the year above! Music brings people together in the funniest of ways.

Are there any projects that your working on at the moment that you’d like to tell us about?
We’ve been in the studio with Terri Walker and Tawiah recently and we’ve just completed our next EP, ‘Greenmoney Dubs Vol 2’ which will be out in December. Also look out for remixes for Zed Bias, French Fries and a new Kiwi artist called Kimbra.

Many people in sports have a pre match routine; do you have anything that you do regularly before getting in the studio or behind the decks?
We pray & bond, we’re like Prince & The Revolution when we’re on the road

You wouldn’t expect it but I’m actually really good at…
Alex – Ping pong
Leo – Roulette. Chance favours the brave…

Next time your in a club and see me play please…
Rave hard to our music

Next time your in a club and see me play please don’t…
Request wafty tunes or bring glowsticks

When I was on my way up the best bit of advice I was given was…
Alex – You’ll never make any money out of underground music….obviously I didn’t listen! In real terms, learn your craft ,have some balls to be different in the music you make and realise that hard work wins over talent.
Leo – Don’t listen to your parents :) As a rule they don’t wanna support your rave dreams! Spend all your hard earned money on decks and get on with it…